Eternal Empire Campaign.

Using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy RPG Rules.

The Eternal Empire arose from the ashes of the Nine Kingdoms, conquered by the Prophet who fell from the stars. Her worshippers, who crusaded against the kingdoms and their pagan gods, formed the Church of Eternal Flame, and many of her original worshippers and followers became saints.

Five hundred years on, the Prophet now rules the Empire as the Eternal Empress from her throne in the citadel of Star’s Hollow. The Empire spans the majority of the continent, all save a portion of the North-Eastern region. The old races of the elves and dwarves have been shoved aside, reduced to small and dwindling nations in the ancient forests and craggy mountains; while halflings have become consumed by the slowly expanding Empire.

The land is full of ruins and abandoned villages, forgotten towns and isolated settlements; plenty of opportunity for explorers, mercenaries and tomb robbers to make a profit and find adventure!

The Eternal Empire

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