The Eternal Empire

Arrival at Jainesville
Wherein our party go looking for bandits...

The Characters

Iral Darkstar: elf (former cook, vain, has a samurai mask and a pet spider)

Jym Hawke: specialist (former miner, glutton, has a Robin Hood hat, pet canary and a mule called Bob);

Randalf: magic-user (former quack, superstitious, a witch/warlock, with a black cat and a broom).

All Level One. Randalf knows Jym as they use to be in the same mercenary company; Jym knows Iral, because they shared a horse that recently died; and Iral knew Randalf because they were both caught in the treasure vault of a merchant in the town of Bute’s Triangle, barely escaping with their lives. All came together and headed off to the frontier village of Jainesville, following a rumour that the local constable was having trouble with bandits.

The Game

Late spring, late afternoon, the three adventurers arrive in Jainesville after trekking along the road from the nearest market town of Appleby (about a week away). They get a few odd looks, mostly curious, from the farmers they pass and head straight to the constable and ask him about the bandits: the friendly constable tells them there has indeed been trouble, and that sightings have been made near the old Baron’s Keep (on the hill, ten minutes walk), the old abandoned inn six or so hours up the northern trail (near the old, empty copper mine), and down south by the strange tower that attracts lightning.

He offers them 5 sp a head (or an ear) for each bandit they take out; more if they get whoever leads them.

They then head off to the local tavern, talk to Barney the innkeepers (getting the same details, plus the fact that the keep is abandoned due to a ‘monster’ that roams the place at night). They also talk to a local farm lad, who wants to join them but is turned down; he lets them know of further opportunity for adventure miles to the west, in the ruins of the old prison, Stonehell. The lad, Douglas, is given Jym’s mule to look after, while they head off and do some scouting.

After a brief discussion, the three of them decide to investigate the old keep first, and wait until dusk to do so. They skirt around the woods, scramble up the hill and as the sun begins to set, Jym throws his rope & grapple up to the battlements, and all three climb up.

Once there, they see there is indeed a monster, roaming the courtyard below and as yet unaware of them: it is a large four-legged lizard with steam pouring off its body. The rest of the keep, as far as they can see, looks empty and largely intact.

A plan is formed: Iral casts his faerie fire spell and outlines the lizard in green flames, giving Randalf time to aim and let loose a rock from the sling he borrows from Jym: he misses, and the lizard spots them and scurries across to the wall; it tries to climb, but fails to gain any purchase.

Seeing that the lizard can’t get to them, the three bold adventurers start slinging and lobbing rocks at it! Some hit, doing minor damage and making the lizard hiss angrily as it keeps trying to scale the wall; but most of the rocks bounce harmlessly off its thick, scaled hide.

Then the lizard finally gains a hold and scrambles up the wall, shoving itself between Iral and Jym; they pull their swords and hack away, but only one hits [I think it was Iral], and then the lizard swipes at Jym: luckily, he raises his shield just in time, but the force of the blow shatters the wooden shield!

Randalf quickly analyses the situation and decides that, what with the thick hide and sharp claws, the lizard can potentially kill them all! So, he casts his memorised spell, sleep, and puts the beast into a deep slumber. They kill the monster before it can wake, and shove it off the wall. It splats on the hard earth.

They quickly check out the walls and towers, finding them empty but spotting signs of recent occupants in the form of booted foot prints. They then start to climb down the ladder that leads into the gatehouse, as night falls.

End of session.


  • Kills: 1 monster;
  • PC deaths: 0 (but came close);
  • Shields Splintered: 1;
  • Total XP: 100 (monster).

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