The Eternal Empire

Session Twelve

Tower of the Stargazer: Part One

After a month of shopping, the party load their packs and saddlebags, and together with their newly promoted henchmen, head south to investigate the abandoned wizard’s tower, where rumours of treasure and bandits lay.

Several hours later they arrive at the strange tower: a globe of metal plates nesting upon a windowless stone tower, a flight of steps leading to a pair of doors, all resting atop a rocky hillock. Four angled spikes point to the top, spread across a blasted waste, and lightning flickers between them. In the near distant a corpse lies on the ground.

They check the corpse, and Gideon recognises it as a famous thief, his pack ripped and empty, his grappling hook bent. He has been dead for days, half-eaten by animals. They approach the doors, carefully, and see a knocker and a pair of snake-headed handles. Gideon walks up and knocks, swinging the knocker against the door: with the boom of an unseen gong, the doors swing open and the party hurry inside, lighting a lantern so that they can see. They leave Tomlinson and Geoff outside, looking after the horses, and Oswaldfollows the party inside. They search the ground floor, finding a foyer, a cloakroom, and a room with a statue, a stack of boxes, a cabinet of china and a stairs going up. Slowly, wondering if the tower is as empty as they believe, the go up and find more rooms, mostly servants bedrooms. In one Iral finds a diary, that speaks of the tower’s wizard going mad and murderous. Another stairs leads up, and a Oswald spots a trickle of blood coming down the steps. Gideon goes up to investigate, finding a locked door, the key on the other side of the lock, from which the blood oozes out. Alvis gets a piece of cloth from the bedsheets below, and using that and an arrow, they poke out the key and reel it in; Gideon unlocks the door and swings it open: revealing a master bedroom, what looks like an elevator shaft, and an old wizard standing in a circle of salt.

“Oh, thank the heavens. I am so very glad to meet you.”

The wizard explains he is trapped, in the circle of salt as a result of some mishap. The party don’t quite believe him, and start poking around; the wizard gets annoyed, then angry as they continue to search and more or less ignore him. He then becomes enraged, firing off spells, but it is apparent that he is trapped and cannot get out by himself, nor can his spells. They ignore him as he threatens and curses them, investigating the lift shaft instead. Iral lights a torch and fiddles with the dial, bringing up a platform. He goes off by himself, finding how to reach each floor and discovering a possible treasure vault protected by forcefields, a dining room, a workshop of dissected animals, and an observatory at the very top of the tower. Then, one-by-one, they all head down to the workshop level. They find a corpse sewn with gold thread, but leave it alone; a room of crates of bones, with steps to a trapdoor that leads into the room where the boxes where, inside the shell of said boxes, which hid a secret trapdoor. Another door leads to a row of cells, and a host of ghostly figures that wail and demand to be freed, attracted by the Ghostcutter sword that Gideon carries. Before the party can react the ghosts are attacking, and only Gideon’s sword seems to have any affect; thankfully they manage to back off, Gideon taking a claw swipe across his chest, causing some frostbite. Oswald slams the door shut, and it seems that the ghosts can’t follow. Alvis heals him, and they then check out an alcove where five mirrors stand. Iral looks into one, and sees his reflection wither and age before his eyes and suddenly feels older and weaker [loses 4 points of CON]; they decide to leave the mirrors alone.

Next they head up a few levels, to the dining room, with a library leading from it and a cold storage room with a cupboard of vials holding what might be blood. Another room opens onto a chamber with a door blocked by a force field, and a table and two chairs: a ghostly figure appears, and asks who will gamble their soul to gain access to the blocked door. They all decline, for now, and retreat to the dining room to discuss their options.

So far they have been there for about an hour or so, and have not stolen anything from any of the rooms. But they have pissed off a wizard.

End of Session


Total Kills: 1 monster, 34 bandits, 1 dead man, 9 mosquito-bats, 1 giant spider, 5 ghouls, 1 troll, defeated a party of three adventurers (but let them go free), 1 gelatinous cube;
PC deaths: 1 (and 1 lost an arm);
NPC deaths: 1 (Bran)
Shields Splintered: 10;
Total XP: 14,805.


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